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We are Mobi Hunter.
The digital media
market maker.

Our business is built around monetizing digital ad space efficiently and seamlessly through our partnership with publishers and ad tech.

We work alongside agencies and brands to acquire media that create business campaign solutions.


Campaign Manager
Marketing Strategy


Mobi Hunter has always been at the front of the pack when it come to the latest and most innovative ways of digital marketing. In our fast-moving industry, with each country having its own nuances and processes, we ensure that we can create media strategies that achieve the desired outcomes of your brief.

As we’ve managed and bought media for over 1500 digital media campaigns, across 21 countries and 68 global brands, our Mobi Hunter campaign team is ready to tackle your next campaign. There’s no job too big nor complex for our team.

At Mobi Hunter we have been hugely honoured to be appointed exclusive media sales partners to major publishers such as CNN, BBM, OLX, 2go, Cartoon Network, Nimbuzz, LinkedIn and Truecaller.

We hunt for the best media for your campaign by using our range of:

Programmatic Buying
PMP Buying
DMP Audience Buying
Global SMS options
Social Media


At Mobi Hunter, we work with the big players. Our network of large global publishers helps us to ensure their media is being monetized at the highest rate possible. Our business has multiple hunting strategies that we leverage to ensure optimal monetization for our clients.

We have our own programmatic yield optimization team who works on your inventory pricing within the market. We are constantly monitoring market dynamics to ensure your inventory is always being priced within a sweet spot that appeals to major buyers around the world.

Our experienced team creates the ideal working relationship with you and your team while we pride ourselves on providing you with the fastest service and switched on account management. Being Google partners, we have the full suite of access to the best programmatic tools and markets to ensure high demand and fill.

Our direct sales offering is a robust strategy we add into the hunt for the best returns on your inventory. At Mobi Hunter, we have numerous direct sales teams, and we believe that the direct sell is a massively important part of account management & the big sales process with our agency partners and brands. Having people on the ground keeps your inventory in front of the right eyes and the media plans that accompany them.

Another sales arrow we include in the hunt with publishers is a DMP. Our Data Management Platform with Lotame – Big Data to Big ROI. By making sense of your visitor’s data, adding science and logic, we are able to create a whole new managed income stream for you and your business.


Since 2013, we have been at the forefront of digital media ad tech and programmatic buying, with our strong professional teams knowing the ever-changing ad space and the technologies as well as they know the backs of their hands. Mobi Hunter is a proud Lotame DMP partner. Data Management Platforms are the marketing scientists for the new digital media arena.

Our Lotame DMP makes sense of the web traffic on your publisher sites, as well as all engagement that stems from your campaign. The DMP team uses all audience data to build methodical engagement, whether you are buying or selling media. This results in sensationally high returns with very little waste.

Our programmatic department works with Google DoubleClick DBM, while we buy programmatic media for major companies & agencies across the globe. Programmatic buying is a powerful tool that not only allows deep targeting, but also adds scalable trusted buying and remarketing into the mix.

Mobi Hunter have a DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) seat, allowing us to be at the forefront of yield management (programmatic ad sales) of your publisher inventory. Using a range of tools such as IBM Watson, and a vast knowledge of market dynamics, we give publishers strong returns on the worth of their ad space.


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